PCB Build Manual


Please read also the text “Calibration Manual” on this website, it contains further information! (the pdf file “Calibration Manual” can be read later…).

All components except the two 2×10 female pin connector are soldered to the top side of the PCB.

Front look of the final PCB:

PCB front

Back look of the final PCB:


Solder the components as seen in the pictures and in the image below. Be sure to use the right side and the right holes for the pin headers (as sometimes one hole is free besides the pin headers, it is easy to get the wrong holes…)

PCB front with small components:

PCB front1

Make sure you solder the L4940V5 in the correct direction, see first picture on this page (metal to the left). The + (longer pin) of the 10uF and 22uF has to be at the correct side, see picture below.

PCB front with pin headers and JST connector added:

PCB front2

PCB Back side:

PCB back1

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